Lusy believes that everyone has the potential to be an artist.
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Ideas Agent Meetup in Penang 2014

Lusy's Skills

Lusy is a visual artist known for her experimental drawing practices and her performances. She is driven by a passion for encouraging reflexive discourse and interactive collaboration.    

Project Facilitator

Arts Manager & Co-ordinator

Teacher & Learner

Lusy's Vision

Community Project Facilitation

Lusy has been working in project facilitation since she was 18. Trained by the City of London Education Department and then a freelancer for many years, she can deliver energetic and inspiring arts sessions to all ages including mixed groups.

Art Making & Performance

Lusy is also a freelance artist and designer, creating bespoke work for collections and public arts.

She has performed her art making in public as part of Merging Inks shows in both London & Penang, as well as her famous Penang Finger Painting.

Teaching & Learning

Lusy is a fully qualified teacher and has 5 years experience of teaching professionally. During that time she has taught Art, Design Technology, Food Technology, and she is now currently the Head of Personal, Social & Health Education in POWIIS, Malaysia.

Who is Lusy Koror?

Lusy combines both her teaching practice and her management skills to develop and deliver interesting projects for a diverse range of communities across the globe.

Formally known as Lusy Decoursey

Lusy runs an arts events management company called We Are Artists. She manages teams of volunteers on both big and small projects.

Lusy is an Art, DT, & PSHE teacher in POWIIS, Penang.Type your paragraph here.

Arts Management

Lusy has 8 years experience of organising and managing teams of volunteers to create exciting Arts events. These range from high art events to community collaborations and charity fundraisers. She is the editor & producer of the Penang Colouring Book as well as We Are Artists.

Art Maker & Performer